Cavan County

Nestled right in the middle of Ireland, County Cavan is like a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Around 76,000 awesome folks call this place home, giving it that perfect mix of a laid-back vibe and friendly faces.

The main spot in town is Cavan itself—a cool blend of old-school charm and modern buzz. You can dive into history at Cavan Cathedral or the Cavan County Museum, and then stroll around town, hitting up the latest shops and grabbing a bite at local joints.

If you’re into outdoor adventures, Lough Oughter and the Shannon-Erne Waterway are your go-to spots. Boating, fishing, or just chilling by the lakeside—there’s no shortage of natural beauty in County Cavan.

Belturbet, another cool spot, sits by the River Erne and is your ticket to the UNESCO Global Geopark, Marble Arch Caves. These underground wonders, just outside the county lines, are a must-visit for their jaw-dropping formations.

And let’s not forget the charming villages like Ballyconnell and Bailieborough. Each one has its own vibe, from historic spots to cozy pubs. It’s like stepping into a postcard of traditional Irish life.

So, if you’re after a taste of Ireland off the beaten path, County Cavan is the place to be. With its historic towns, serene lakes, and friendly villages, it’s the perfect spot for a laid-back Irish adventure.


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