Donegal County

Sitting up at the northwest tip of Ireland, County Donegal is a region of untamed natural beauty and a still-pristine cultural heritage. With a population of about 160,000 people, it's renowned for its dramatic landscape, including rugged coastlines and towering sea cliffs, such as Slieve League, alongside the idyllic Glenveagh National Park. Donegal Town, famed for its iconic Donegal Castle, and Letterkenny, the largest town in the county, serve as gateways to the wild and enchanting parts of Ireland. Donegal provides a canvas where Gaelic-speaking areas of the Gaeltacht reach out to the faraway, windblown islands off its coast, offering a glimpse of life that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries, making it a truly unique and captivating destination.

County Donegal, Ireland’s northernmost county, is a land of wild beauty and ancient lore. Blessed with extraordinary Donegal Bay, the county boasts some of Ireland’s most magical landscapes, from the towering Slieve League cliffs, among the highest sea cliffs in Europe, to the tranquility of Glenveagh National Park. The pristine beaches, such as those along Ballymastocker Bay, emerge from the rugged Donegal coastline, offering both solitude and adventure. The county’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its music, language, and crafts, especially prevalent in the Gaeltacht areas where Irish is spoken daily. Historic sites like Donegal Castle and the ancient Grianán of Aileach fort offer a glimpse into the past, while vibrant towns like Letterkenny contrast with their lively arts and dining scene. For explorers, adventurers, and those looking to connect with Ireland’s Gaelic roots, Donegal is a hotspot promising unforgettable experiences.


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