Kerry County

County Kerry is among the largest counties in the southwest of Ireland and is often described as "The Kingdom," due to its breathtaking landscapes, rich world-renowned history, and cultural life. Its 147,000-strong population would make Kerry the ultimate nature's gem—from the dramatic mountains of Killarney National Park to its coast and that of the rugged Dingle Peninsula. Ideally located, the county town of Tralee has all the historic sites and modern facilities in perfect measure for its visitors. The pretty town of Killarney unravels against the backdrop of some of the finest scenery in Ireland, including the famous Lakes of Killarney and the beautiful Ring of Kerry. Famed for its traditional Irish music and dance, and for its people-friendly friendliness, there's everything in Kerry that is dear to Ireland and one of the most important stop-offs for the visitor in search of the heart and soul of the land.

County Kerry, known as “The Kingdom,” is a place of extraordinary beauty and cultural depth in Ireland’s southwest. The home to some of the most iconic landscapes in the country—enchanting Killarney National Park, dramatic Ring of Kerry, and Skellig Michael of ancient history—Kerry has landscapes that offer an amazing vista of millennia to travel back and forth in. From the bustling Tralee to the most scenic Killarney, from the abundance of culture in Dingle to the towns and villages making up the county, this place is fairly bristling with what the Irish are really known for, which is music, art, and festivals. The coastline of County Kerry is certainly one of the most outstandingly beautiful coastlands in Ireland; amidst its variety of beaches and cliffs, it is a paradise for all lovers of water and sports. With a colorful Gaelic history, strong local communities, and an unsurpassed natural beauty, there’s something about Kerry that pulls at the heartstrings and will not let go. They offer an endless realm of opportunities for discovery and exploration.


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