Kildare County

Set against the sprawling landscape of Ireland's Ancient East, County Kildare is a place of interesting contrasts: rich history and live heritage are paired with natural beauty and a lively cultural scene. The population of Kildare is around 222,000 people, who have made the place famous for the thoroughbred horses bred there and the magnificent Irish stud farms. Besides, Curragh Racecourse is another thing of attraction that this place boasts, with approximately 222,000 people. The administrative capital is Naas, while other cities and towns include Newbridge and Maynooth, which have a perfect blend of modernity and the historical theme that runs in most of their facilities. The Kildare round tower from the 12th century and beautiful Japanese gardens on the premises of the Irish National Stud make quite a part of what is there to see in Kildare. Flat and blanketed by emerald landscapes, the county has the perfect way to become more acquainted with some of the rural beauty of Ireland and its age-old past. Kildare is a bright and beaming destination not only for the history-loving travelers but also for nature devotees and equestrian fans.

County Kildare indeed emerges as a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and equine tradition. Nestled in Ireland’s east, it stands as a testament to the nation’s enduring connection to horse racing and breeding, against a backdrop of historical richness and natural splendor. From the legendary Curragh Racecourse to the serene beauty of the Japanese Gardens at the Irish National Stud, Kildare is a beacon of heritage and natural elegance. Whether it’s exploring the ancient site of St. Brigid’s Cathedral and Round Tower, strolling through the academic grounds of Maynooth, or finding tranquility along the Grand Canal, Kildare encapsulates the essence of Ireland’s pastoral heartland.


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