Monaghan County

County Monaghan is a serene, beautifully attractive place, rural in nature, and forms part of those counties in the border region of Ireland and part of the historic province of Ulster. With its rolling drumlin hills, a scatter of lakes, and rich agricultural land, Monaghan can provide a calming, tranquil atmosphere to get away from city bustle. Busy hub and equal parts modern and historical influence obviously noted through its architecture and local museums, the county town Monaghan. Monaghan is particularly rich in its cultural heritage regarding the arts, poetry, and lace-making, which continue to be utilized in modern celebratory settings.

County Monaghan is truly one of those hidden gems nestled amongst the tranquil landscapes and rich cultural history of Ireland’s border counties. Abound with lakes, Monaghan is enveloped by countless hills that present different land features, suitable for hiking and different serene nature activities. Attractions in Monaghan include the County Museum, featuring a major collection of artifacts from the Stone Age beginnings of the county to modern times, and depicting the history of the county. Most importantly, Monaghan possesses strong literary heritage. It is the birthplace of the poet Patrick Kavanagh, whose work was to have a very pronounced influence on the local landscape. Its beautiful lace, born in the 1820s and still alive to the present day, brought fame to the town of Carrickmacross. This mix of natural beauty and deep history does make Monaghan an interesting place to come and see a piece of real Ireland not touched by the hands of commercialism hustle and bustle.


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