Sligo County

In County Sligo and throughout the northwest coast of Ireland, scenic views harmonize with rich literary heritage and important archaeological sites. Towering over Sligo Bay is the dramatic and mountainous Benbulben, which is ruggedly beautiful Sligo. Vast beaches and ancient structures have all served to inspire many, including famous poet W.B. Yeats. The county town of the same name, also known as Sligo, is a great cultural and economic center that harmonizes modern arts, traditional music, and nightlife.

County Sligo is truly beautiful and maintains a natural display, from every perspective having just the right balance, along with a rich historical background. Really, County Sligo is one of those absolute musts for any visitor to Ireland. Other landmarks include the majestic Benbulben mountain, one of the Dartry Range mountains that dramatizes many walks and cycle trails in the area. Strandhill and Rosses Point are two such beaches located on the coast of Sligo that are rated to have some of the best conditions for surfing all across Europe. Apart from the leisure activity, they are popular for their scenic beauty.

Rich archaeological heritage is evident in sites like Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, one of the oldest and biggest concentrations of megalithic tombs in Ireland. The county, however, has very great relations to W.B. This landscape had much inspired the local Yeats, who adds a human dimension of culture, with his Yeats Society and grave at Drumcliffe. The county also has a rich history of a lively arts scene, with the Sligo Jazz Project and Sligo Festival of Baroque Music paying homage to the strong cultural community. From scenic beauty to historical sites and Sligo’s vibrant cultural offering, they combine to produce a heady mix representing diverse and rich experiences.


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