Tipperary County

County Tipperary is a real gem in the very heart of Ireland, which has really rich olden days and is full of pulsating culture. Its area is about 4,303 square kilometers, characterized by about 159,000 residents. These are functionally divided into North Riding and South Riding, with principal urban centres at Clonmel, the county town of South Tipperary, and Nenagh, serving the north of the county. The Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, and Lough Derg are some of the most attractive features of the county, amongst other sights marked on signposts that stud the landscape.

County Tipperary combines places of historic importance with beautiful landscapes. The county is divided into two parts: the Northern Tipperary focuses on Nenagh while the Southern Tipperary focuses on Clonmel.

Each of the areas may have an attraction of their own. South Tipperary can be related to the Rock of Cashel, which represents a synthesis of all the periods of medieval architecture. In the north, the scenic views and outdoor activities of Lough Derg are major aspects. Agriculture takes the lion’s share of the economy in Tipperary; it is equally relishing the increasing significance of the tourism sector due to its history and variously maintained sites. From the lively Clonmel to historic Tipperary town, the towns in this county will show the traveler a bit of historic Ireland among some of the most complete examples of classic Irish architecture. From exploring historic castles and tasting local food to having hikes all around the Galtee Mountains, Tipperary nails down all Irish experiences correctly.


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