Waterford County

County Waterford is located in the sunny southeast of Ireland. It has colorful coastal towns, historic sites, and a wide and varied cultural scene. The city of Waterford is founded in 914 AD by the Viking traders and is considered one of the oldest county towns in Ireland with the longest history. It represents the focal point of the region and economic activity, epitomizing social life. With a population of some 116,000, the region city is southeast Ireland. Rich Maritime Heritage: the most famous for its exquisite hand-cut crystal glass. Outstanding landmarks include the Waterford Greenway, Comeragh Mountains, and the historic Reginald's Tower, which marks this town as a historic and beautiful destination for tourists interested in history and natural areas.

County Waterford is a charming mix of history and natural beauty. The county is exotically known for Waterford Crystal, a legacy left behind by the Glass-Making Industry.

The city of Waterford itself is at the very center of the county and exhibits a lush Viking and medieval history, best explored through its museums and heritage sites like the Medieval Museum and Bishop’s Palace.

The county has a picturesque coastline that stretches along the Irish Sea. Along this coast, abundant beautiful beaches, among which it is possible to specify Tramore and Dunmore East, are located. Lovers of active rest are awaited by the mountain chain of the Comeragh Mountains in the interior, with treks, climbing, and watching birds over a setting filled with some of the most photogenic waterfalls and glacial lakes in Ireland. The city of Waterford boasts cultural life, which is in full swing due to lots of festivals and events dedicated to everything, starting from food and.


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