Wexford County

County Wexford, situated in the southeastern corner of Ireland, is distinguished by an eventful history, extensive sandy beaches, and fertile farmland. Its county town, Wexford Town, is notable for its medieval alleyways and the National Opera House that holds the well-known Wexford Opera Festival. Along with a population of nearly 150,000, the county also offers a variety of cultural sights and large-scale landmarks such as the Hook Lighthouse—one of the oldest still-operating lighthouses in the world, and the Irish National Heritage Park, while Wexford’s coastline on the Irish Sea provides a scenic setting inspiring relaxation and adventure.

County Wexford, therefore, combines historical diversity with natural beauty to create a multifaceted range of tourist activities. Known as Ireland’s “sunny southeast,” this county has more sunshine hours annually than any other, enhancing its appeal as a beach vacation spot with towns by the sea like Rosslare and Courtown. The county’s inland landscape represents deep green hills in lush fields; additionally, County Wexford’s heritage results in a vibrant cultural scene. Its ancient castles and country mansions, as well as Viking and Norman settlement remains, reveal this history for visitors; Wexford Town alone boasts historical landmarks like Selskar Abbey and the Westgate Heritage Tower. The Wexford Opera Festival is an internationally famous event that attracts visitors from every nation, emphasizing Wexford’s cultural ties.

Strawberries play a crucial role in the local economy, and annually, the Wexford Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy celebrates this prime berry producer in the Republic. From festival hopping to lounging on its extensive and golden beaches, there is something for everyone in Wexford.



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