Wicklow County

County Wicklow is a county in Ireland. The last of the traditional 32 counties, having been formed as late as 1606, it is part of the Eastern and Midland Region and the province of Leinster. It is bordered by the Irish Sea to the east and the counties of Wexford to the south, Carlow to the southwest, Kildare to the west, and South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown to the north. Wicklow is named after its county town of Wicklow, which derives from the name Víkingaló (Old Norse for "Vikings' Meadow"). Wicklow County Council is the local authority for the county, which had a population of 155,258 at the 2022 census.

Chillin’ just south of Dublin on Ireland’s east coast, County Wicklow is like the cool kid of the countryside. Around 150,000 folks call this place home, making it a sweet mix of lively towns and chill nature spots.

Bray is the main hangout in County Wicklow, a beachy town with a rad promenade. The Bray Head cliff walk is where it’s at, giving you killer views of the Irish Sea. Locals love it, and tourists can’t get enough.

Then there’s Wicklow Town, a historic spot with an ancient gaol and the Black Castle overlooking the harbor. Nature lovers flock here as it’s the gateway to the awesome Wicklow Mountains, a haven for hikers and adventure seekers.

They call County Wicklow the “Garden of Ireland,” and for good reason. Glendalough is this ancient valley with a 6th-century monastic site—super historic and super chill. Enniskerry is another cool spot, surrounded by hills and fancy estates. The Powerscourt Estate and Gardens there are like something out of a fairy tale.

In County Wicklow, you’ve got the best of both worlds—urban vibes and nature feels. The Wicklow Mountains National Park is all about hiking and killer views, while towns like Bray and Wicklow give you that friendly Irish welcome.

So, whether you’re hanging out on Bray’s beach, exploring Wicklow’s history, or getting lost in the serenity of Glendalough, County Wicklow is the spot for an epic Irish adventure.


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