Carlow County

Carlow County’s history is as rich and varied as the landscape itself. From ancient settlements marked by the Brownshill Dolmen, one of Europe’s largest portal tombs, to the Norman invasion that brought about the construction of Carlow Castle in the 13th century, Carlow has been a significant player in Ireland’s historical narrative. The county’s strategic importance was underscored during the Cromwellian conquest and the Irish Confederate Wars, where Carlow Town saw significant action.

Culturally, Carlow has a vibrant scene that blends traditional Irish arts with contemporary expressions. The Visual Centre for Contemporary Art and the George Bernard Shaw Theatre stand as beacons of modern culture, while traditional Irish music and dance flourish in pubs and venues across the county. Festivals like the Carlow Arts Festival and the Eigse Carlow Arts Festival celebrate this rich cultural tapestry, showcasing everything from local crafts to international arts. This blend of history and culture makes Carlow a fascinating county to explore, offering insights into both Ireland’s past and its dynamic present.