Carlow County

Carlow County is dotted with attractions that beckon travelers from far and wide. Top sites include:

  • Brownshill Dolmen: Marvel at the engineering marvel of the Neolithic period with the largest capstone in Europe.
  • Carlow Castle: Explore the ruins of this 13th-century Norman castle, offering a glimpse into Ireland’s medieval past.
  • Altamont Gardens: Known as the most romantic garden in Ireland, this estate features sweeping lawns, lakes, and a variety of flora.
  • Delta Sensory Gardens: Experience the tranquil beauty of these sensory gardens, designed as a peaceful retreat.
  • Duckett’s Grove: Wander through the ruins of this Gothic revival mansion, set amidst a picturesque landscape.
  • The Barrow Way: Follow this scenic walking and cycling path that runs alongside the River Barrow, offering serene views and close encounters with nature.