Cavan County

The Cavan Fleadh: An annual highlight, the Cavan Fleadh (Festival of Music) showcases the best of traditional Irish music, dance, and storytelling. This event draws musicians and spectators from across Ireland and beyond, filling the county with the sounds of fiddles, flutes, and lively Irish folk music. The festival includes competitions, workshops, and impromptu sessions, making it a must-visit for music enthusiasts.

Taste of Cavan: Celebrating Cavan’s rich agricultural and culinary heritage, the Taste of Cavan is a food lover’s dream. This event features local producers, chefs, and culinary experts who come together to showcase the quality and diversity of Cavan’s food scene. Attendees can enjoy cooking demonstrations, taste local delicacies, and participate in food-related workshops.

Virginia Pumpkin Festival: An annual event that takes place in October, the Virginia Pumpkin Festival is a family-friendly celebration of autumn. The festival includes a pumpkin carving contest, live music, street performers, and a spectacular fireworks display. It’s a perfect event for families looking to experience the fun and community spirit of County Cavan.

Cavan Walking Festival: Held in May, the Cavan Walking Festival invites locals and visitors to explore the county’s stunning landscapes through a series of guided walks and hikes. Ranging from gentle strolls to more challenging treks, the walks cover various terrains, including forest paths, mountain trails, and lakeside routes, offering something for every fitness level.

The Bailieborough Poetry Festival: This literary event, taking place in the autumn, celebrates poetry and the arts, featuring readings, workshops, and performances by poets from Ireland and abroad. The festival also includes art exhibitions and musical performances, making it a comprehensive celebration of the arts.

The Cootehill Arts Festival: A week-long celebration of creativity and culture, the Cootehill Arts Festival features a mix of visual arts, theater, music, and literary events. It’s an opportunity for artists and art lovers to engage with a wide range of artistic expressions in the beautiful setting of Cootehill.

These events, among many others held throughout the year, highlight the vibrant culture and community spirit of County Cavan. Each festival and gathering provides a unique opportunity to experience the traditions, tastes, and talents of this charming Irish county.