Cavan County

Day Trip for Nature Enthusiasts: Begin your day with a visit to Cavan Burren Park to explore its ancient megalithic sites and stunning geological formations. Afterward, head to Killykeen Forest Park for a midday picnic by the lake, followed by a leisurely walk or a kayak trip on the tranquil waters. Wrap up your day with a sunset viewing at Lough Oughter, taking in the serene beauty of the castle ruins against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Historical and Cultural Exploration: Dedicate a day to delve into Cavan’s rich history and culture. Start at the Cavan County Museum to gain insight into the county’s past and its people. Then, travel to the Bear Essentials/Silver Bear Centre to experience the unique craft of teddy bear making. In the afternoon, visit the quaint town of Cootehill, a perfect example of Cavan’s Georgian heritage, and conclude your day with a traditional Irish music session in one of Cavan Town’s lively pubs.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities: For those seeking adventure, Cavan’s landscape offers ample opportunities. Spend your morning fishing or water sports on one of the county’s many lakes. In the afternoon, hike the trails of Dun a Rí Forest Park, immersing yourself in its rich flora and fauna. Adventure seekers can also try zip-lining or rock climbing at one of the local outdoor adventure centers, ending the day with a hearty meal in a lakeside restaurant.

A Week in Cavan: A week-long stay allows for a deep dive into all that Cavan has to offer. Incorporate the above itineraries with added leisure to explore the county’s smaller towns and villages, each with its own charm and history. Take a day to traverse the Shannon-Erne Waterway by boat, experiencing the tranquil beauty of Cavan’s waterways. Allocate time to visit local artisans and craft shops, taking home a piece of Cavan’s cultural heritage. Throughout your stay, sample the culinary delights of the county, from traditional Irish fare to contemporary cuisine, celebrating Cavan’s burgeoning food scene.