Clare County

Cliffs of Moher: One of the best tourist spots to see in Ireland, its towering cliffs run as long as 14 km, giving a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Spanning a length of 8 kilometers and jutting out to 214 meters at its pinnacle, the Cliffs of Moher provide nothing short of a setting that would be termed theatrical for just that perfect shot and an unforgettable memory. The center offers the presentation of interactive media on geology, flora, and fauna of the cliffs.

Burren National Park: This is a unique limestone landscape, which is a real wonder of geology, with a richness of flora and the dolmens and karst formations to be found in the area. The Burren stretches the interests of botanists and historians, being a favorite place for hiking on some of the trails, which take you through archaeological treasures hidden captivating views of the area.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park: Very well conserved and original fortress of the 15th century, completely restored, in which the humanity and way of life of that epoch are exposed. Inside the castle are the great rooms and dungeons for exploring. Then, through a doorway, visitors emerge into the adjacent folk park, reconstructed with precision to represent Irish rural country life and urban life of the 19th century. A highlight of the park is the working village of traditional cottages with schoolhouse interiors representing Irish life.

Loop Head Peninsula: Perfectly ensconced by the Loop Head Peninsula—one of the prettiest pieces of land in Ireland—the outdoor is treated to spectacular coastal scenery. To be more precise, it is the Loop Head Lighthouse that seems to look over the edge of the world from its perch at the very tip of the peninsula. Further, the area is very well known for bird-watching and watching of whales and dolphins, with splendid walking and cycling routes.

Doolin: Known as the birthplace and epicenter of traditional Irish music, Doolin is a busy village jump-off point to some of the best music sessions in the country. Doolin is also the key ferry departure point to the Aran Islands and nearby the wonderfully mesmerizing Doolin Cave, home to the largest stalactite in the world.

Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre: One of the oldest caves in Ireland, Aillwee Cave offers guided tours over subterranean rivers, waterfalls, and formations. Visit the Birds of Prey Centre nearby, where you really get a close-up view of daily flying displays by eagles, falcons, hawks, and even owls. Together with that, the friendly and warm nature of the people from Clare ensures the county is a very attractive destination, where history, culture, and natural beauty mix to present the perfect Irish trip.