Cork County

Cork Jazz Festival: Held annually in October, the Cork Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in Europe. The city comes alive with the sounds of jazz performed by international and Irish artists, with performances taking place in pubs, concert halls, and clubs across Cork City.

West Cork Literary Festival: Taking place in Bantry, this festival celebrates the written word with a week-long program of readings, workshops, and discussions featuring authors, poets, and literary figures from around the world.

Kinsale Gourmet Festival: A highlight for foodies, the Kinsale Gourmet Festival in October showcases the best of local seafood and artisanal products. The festival includes tasting events, cooking demonstrations, and the famous Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale.

Cork Midsummer Festival: This multi-disciplinary arts festival in June transforms Cork City with theater, dance, opera, music, and visual arts. The festival’s innovative and engaging programming makes it a standout cultural event in Ireland’s summer calendar.

Cork International Film Festival: Ireland’s first and largest film festival takes place in November, featuring a wide range of international and Irish films, documentaries, and shorts. The festival also offers workshops, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions, making it a must-visit for cinephiles.

Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival: Celebrating the ancient art of storytelling, this festival occurs on Cape Clear Island, Ireland’s southernmost inhabited island. The event brings together storytellers from Ireland and abroad for a weekend of tales and folklore, set against the backdrop of the island’s stunning scenery.

These events and many others throughout the year offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in County Cork’s lively culture, experiencing firsthand the traditions and contemporary creativity that make the county unique.