Kildare County

Irish National Stud & Japanese Gardens: This site is not just a working stud farm but also showcases the pinnacle of thoroughbred heritage. The adjoining Japanese Gardens, established between 1906 and 1910, are a landscape masterpiece, offering a tranquil journey through life’s stages.

St. Brigid’s Cathedral and Round Tower: Nestled in Kildare town, this ancient cathedral was built on the site of a monastery founded by St. Brigid in the 5th century. The old Round Tower, among Ireland’s oldest, allows visitors to overlook the ecclesiastical and medieval richness of the area.

The Curragh Racecourse: As one of the most prestigious racecourses worldwide and the home of Irish flat racing, The Curragh hosts major events including the Irish Derby, blending class with the finest racing action.

Maynooth Castle and University: The castle, dating back to the 13th century and once a stronghold of the Fitzgerald family, marks the entrance to Maynooth University. The blend of educational pursuits with the grandeur of this historical site makes it a must-visit.

Donadea Forest Park: A haven for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility, the park offers woodland walks, a lake, historical ruins of Donadea Castle, and a 9/11 Memorial, providing a serene escape into nature.

Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park: Set against a backdrop of biodiversity, this interactive park delves into Irish history and culture, perfect for family outings with its educational exhibits, nature trails, and engaging activities.

Kilkea Castle: One of Ireland’s oldest inhabited castles, dating back to 1180, has been transformed into a luxury hotel, offering guests the chance to experience the ambiance of historical grandeur alongside modern comforts.

Mondello Park: Ireland’s sole international motorsport venue invites racing enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of racing events and driving experiences, from rally cars to single-seater races.

Together with Kildare’s picturesque beauty and friendly towns, these attractions offer a rich and diverse experience, capturing the essence of Ireland’s heritage, natural landscapes, and sporting culture.