Kilkenny County

  • Kilkenny Arts Festival: Taking place in the month of August, the Kilkenny Arts Festival is one of the leading cultural festival rendezvous that is counted from among the oldest and most respected festivals in Ireland Lasting over 10 days, the festival stages leading performances in classical music, jazz, opera, theatre, literature, and visual arts. Places right across the city, from historic churches to the castle grounds, become stages for artists from across the world in what is a highlight of the cultural calendar.
  • The Cat Laughs Comedy Festival: Taking place over the June Bank Holiday, this comedy festival hosts some of the biggest acts from around the world to the Kilkenny streets. The festival brings you stand-ups, sketches, and impjson-going international acts, amongst the very best of Irish comedians, alongside on-the-street impromptu performances that will make sure you can’t help but laugh.
  • Savour Kilkenny: Enjoy a four-day Festival of Food over the October Bank Holiday Weekend celebrating the very best of local and artisan food. The festival includes a program of culinary demonstrations, tastings, workshops, food markets, and culinary activities with the aim of showcasing the culinary heritage coming from the region.
  • Kilkenny Animated: A festival aimed at the best in visual storytelling, housing all kinds of events dedicated to animation, cartoons, illustration, and art. From the Kilkenny-based studio Cartoon Saloon, there will be a wide range of activities: screenings, talks, workshops, and exhibitions by this world-famous, Oscar-nominated company. The city itself attracts creative personalities and amateurs from all over the globe.
  • Kilkenomics: The world’s first economics and comedy festival, Kilkenomics takes serious economic debate to task with a funny face. The festival is held in November and gathers both national and international economists, financial analysts, and comedians to debate economic burning questions in a most friendly and easy way to be digested.
  • Tradfest Kilkenny: Bring the best of traditional Irish music and culture to Kilkenny in March each year, with a packed program of concerts, sessions, workshops, and family events. The festival features everything from big names to openers on the rise and a blend of performances to both give reverence and celebrate the tradition of rich music in Kilkenny and Ireland.

Each event celebrates the life of vibrant, varied experiences, echoing diversity at every corner across Kilkenny – from the delights of the table and the laughter of a street performer to the score of a musical and beautifully crafted arts.