Limerick County

The county’s historical significance is evident in its numerous castles and ancient sites. Overlooking the majestic River Shannon, in Limerick City, lies King John’s Castle as evidence of medieval times in this region and a reflection of the lives that walked its ramparts.

The Treaty Stone, symbolizing the agreement of the same name made in 1691, represents one of the turning points in Irish history and is the embodiment of the people of Limerick’s pride. A few kilometers outside the city, you can find the village of Adare on a postcard—a village of beautiful thatched cottages, historic churches, and medieval monasteries. This is now reputed to be a taster of Ireland’s attractive countryside. Boasting the countryside as the richest agricultural area in Ireland, the rolling hills of the Golden Vale underline its county affiliation to the land and its rich agricultural heritage.

With their exceptionally long tradition of storytelling, music, and dance, they fit a county with relish.

Limerick is also home to an annual Limerick Literary Festival: “A feast of Irish writing and music.” So, in some ways, it naturally celebrates the rich literary heritage of the city through readings, literary pub crawls, and competitions—with the most famous honorary president being the wordsmith Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Angela’s Ashes.” Its equivalent in music circles is the Limerick Jazz Festival and Castleconnell Jazz Festival, where inventive contemporary musicians hammer out an eclectic mix of tunes.

Sport is central to the community life, with rugby being an added passion. Thomond Park Stadium is a mecca of its kind for Rugby fans hosting the Munster Rugby team and venue to games that just light up the local spirit. The arts are appreciated much in Limerick, as proved by the existence of galleries, theaters, and art centers that provide a center for contemporary creativity and traditions maintained throughout generations. What is more, there is Limerick City Gallery of Art, and Belltable Arts Centre brings with it a burst of artistic flair, delivering things like exhibitions and performances to workshops and locals, as well as visitors. County Limerick is a land of discoveries, where layers of history continuously get interlinked with the rhythm of modern, everyday life. It reflects a journey from vibrant landscapes to ancient ruins and bustling streets that entice the visitor to explore further and sample the warmth and vitality of the people.