Longford County

Historically rich and varied, Longford’s heritage includes traces of human settlement dating back over 5,000 years. The majority of such sites can be established to this county and offer tales of ancient civilizations, learning from monastic sites, and that of noble families. The Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre interprets an Iron Age road located in a bog, which provides amazing insight into the engineering and daily life of prehistoric Ireland. In addition, medieval time ruins, such as monasteries and castles, like that of Abbeyshrule, give an idea about the world of great history.

The county town, Longford, is both a historical and contemporary center. The town has seen vast change through the 19th century, with many of its architectural highlights including St. Mel’s Cathedral, a splendid example of neo-Gothic architecture, recently restored to its former splendor following an accidental fire, which devastated the building. Longford has given life to culture, art, and activity; it hosts in its territory a great number of festivals celebrated throughout the year that celebrate from literature and music to the plentiful resource of its region.

Despite its small size, Longford is a county of vibrant communities and cultural richness. It encourages very strong local pride and heritage all at the same time. Some of its best expressions are in the dynamic local arts scenes, which the community groups and galleries, including Aisling Children’s Arts Festival and Backstage Theatre, provide to residents for outlets and cultural enrichment. The agricultural activities remain a key to the economy of Longford, and this land linkage is feted annually at the County Longford Show and Country Fair. From the Home and Colonial Exhibits of 1937 and 1904, respectively, the best impression of Irish rural life could be sought by visitors to the County Show and Country Fair, where myriad livestock competitions, craft exhibitions, and food tastings are offered.

Longford is a peaceful retreat in the tranquil setting of a place that seems to be lost in time, far from the bustle and rush of the bigger town areas. Its rivers and lakes take the form of the Shannon-Erne Waterway, providing fishing enthusiasts and boaters an ample option to spend long tranquil days on water amidst picturesque beauty. Summing up all the above, it is to say that County Longford represents a really unique synthesis of history, culture, and natural beauty within its boundaries. Most attractive to the traveler who is willing to dive into the bright past and present of Ireland in a small, pure environment.