Longford County

Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre:

The Corlea Trackway found an old bog road from the Iron Age; considered one of the most significant archaeological sites in Ireland. The visitor center is hosting an exhibition illustrating this miracle of ancient times, identified by scientists who were built in 148 BC, giving the possibility to get to know with the construction and preconditions of environment back then.

St. Mel’s Cathedral:

This magnificent neo-Gothic cathedral—most likely the best example of its kind in Longford Town—is a locus not only of spiritual life but also of stoicism, since after a 2009 fire, it has been gorgeously redone. The mosaics, stained glass, and the architecture itself are very beautiful and serve for everybody keen on religious art and history.

Longford Castle:

Much less famous in comparison with other Irish castles, but a very interesting example of influences the Normans exerted on the region, is Longford Castle. First constructed in the 13th century, the castle avails a visitor a testimony to the frequent stormy history of medieval Ireland and the sustained efforts to preserve this heritage.

Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre:

This charming centre is located in the heart of the delightful village of Ardagh and celebrates the artistic and historical heritage of the area. It includes workshops, exhibitions, and offers a place for the visitor to become acclimatized with the history of the area and be able to enjoy its peaceful rural surroundings.

Royal Canal:

The Royal Canal runs the whole way along the northern border of Longford and offers an ideal way in which to walk, cycle, or boat. Its canal banks are kitted out in an opulent array of shrubs and flowers, which make for an ideal atmosphere to enjoy the scenery of the Irish countryside.

Lough Ree:

Part of the River Shannon system, Lough Ree would be a nice place for boating, fishing, and bird-watching, but its shores are mostly private property, with access being very limited to the public. Walking along the lake, you may notice a lot of old ruins at the shoreline and most likely enjoy the great views of the place to have been known among nature lovers and photographers.

Newcastle Wood:

With miles of mature woodland trails, Newcastle Wood is set near Ballymahon, perfect for trail-hiking or searching out its wildlife—or just be out for a day communing with nature. The wood forms a part of larger planning for the development of Centre Parcs, a major tourist attraction.

Backstage Theatre and Arts Centre:

From this modern facility in Longford Town, it is now the hub of a vibrant local arts scene, hosting everything from local plays and concerts to touring productions throughout Ireland. It also stands as the venue for art educational programs that take place in the community.

These really do show the varied appeal of County Longford from years gone past up to its vibrant present, offering visitors lots of ways in which they can find out more and enjoy this pretty part of Ireland.