Sligo County

One-Day Sligo Adventure:

  • Morning: Start with a hike up the iconic Benbulben Mountain, where you can enjoy its majestic form and panoramic views of the Sligo countryside.
  • Lunch: Head to the seaside village of Rosses Point for a hearty lunch, enjoying the excellent seafood and charming ambiance.
  • Afternoon: Visit the ancient Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, one of Europe’s largest and oldest such sites, to delve into Ireland’s Neolithic past.
  • Evening: Return to Sligo town for dinner at a local restaurant, then perhaps enjoy an evening stroll along the Garavogue River or attend a live traditional music session at a pub.

Weekend Getaway in Sligo:

  • Day 1: Follow the One-Day Sligo Adventure itinerary.
  • Day 2:
    • Morning: Visit W.B. Yeats’ grave at Drumcliffe Churchyard, located under the shadow of Benbulben. Explore the church and visitor center dedicated to Yeats’ life and works.
    • Lunch: Enjoy lunch at Drumcliffe Tea House, famous for its delicious scones and pastries.
    • Afternoon: Relax with a seaweed bath at Voya Seaweed Baths in Strandhill, followed by a leisurely walk on the beach.
    • Evening: Dine in Strandhill, choosing from casual to gourmet dining options, and watch the sunset over the Atlantic.

Five-Day Cultural Exploration of Sligo:

  • Days 1-2: Complete the Weekend Getaway itinerary.
  • Day 3:
    • Morning: Start at The Model, home of the Niland Collection, where you can enjoy contemporary art and perhaps participate in a workshop or guided tour.
    • Lunch: Dine at The Model’s café, which features local produce.
    • Afternoon: Take a scenic drive to Lough Gill, and embark on a boat tour to see the lake that inspired Yeats’ “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.”
  • Day 4:
    • All Day: Consider a trip to the nearby Slieve League Cliffs in County Donegal, some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, for hiking and spectacular views.
  • Day 5:
    • Morning: Explore more of Sligo’s town center, visiting local shops and galleries.
    • Afternoon: Relax in Hazelwood, walking among sculptures set in the woodland.
    • Evening: Enjoy a farewell dinner in Sligo town, savoring local cuisine and perhaps one more night of music.

These itineraries provide a structured yet flexible approach to experiencing the best of County Sligo, ensuring visitors can explore a balance of natural wonders, historical sites, and cultural richness. Whether you’re climbing sacred mountains, unwinding in seaside towns, or uncovering the legacy of one of Ireland’s greatest poets, Sligo offers a deeply enriching Irish experience.