Tipperary County

Geographically, Tipperary is land with a lot of beautiful diversity, like the green rolling hills of the Golden Vale, which are quite famous as some of the best farmlands to be found in Ireland. This spans most of Tipperary, with fertile land contributing a great deal to its agricultural economy. The Galtee Mountains enjoy the prestige of being the highest inland mountain range in Ireland. They are, in fact, part of a natural border that extends to Limerick, and an offer great walking and hiking trail that pulls quite a number of outdoor fans.

The county was divided into North and South Riding, administratively headquarted by Nenagh and Clonmel, respectively. In effect, the division added to the already diverse character of the county, and it was to be that each place took to itself a unique cultural and historical context. Clonmel, the larger town of the two, has an arts scene that can be quite spirited, participating in a number of cultural festivals celebrating anything from traditional Irish music to contemporary arts at times throughout the year.

The past of this county is just like a rich tapestry, reflected in well-preserved castles and monastic sites. The Rock of Cashel is a very conspicuous historical site from the 12th century, a complex of building construction combined with Celtic art. This is a description of one of the most visited attractions by tourists in Ireland. Another of its historic structures includes Cahir Castle—sited on an island in the River Suir with strong fortifications and a beautiful location.

Moreover, Tipperary dearly loves her local folklores and traditions; at the bottom of its social life, a well-founded tradition of community, source, and music and dance for storytelling is held in esteem. It is in County Kerry that the biggest icons of music and literature were born, contributing richly to the country’s culture of Ireland. Central to social life in the county is the traditional Irish pub, where local people and travelers can enjoy many live music sessions. Richly laced with natural beauty, historical importance, and filled with a great sense of energy, Tipperary presents an experience that presents what truly is Irish. From the bustling market towns to the silent surrounds of the lakeside hamlets, the towns and villages certainly epitomize a welcome that is wonderfully real.