Tipperary County

1. Clonmel Junction Arts Festival

Held annually in July, the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival transforms Clonmel into a hub of artistic activity. The festival features a week-long celebration of theater, dance, visual arts, and music. It attracts performers and artists both from Ireland and internationally, making it a significant event in Tipperary’s cultural calendar. The festival is known for its innovative performances and community workshops, engaging audiences of all ages.

2. The Tipperary Festival

This outstanding festival will be a celebration of the great equestrian culture of Tipperary through the centuries—most celebrated in sport. The day will see attractions such as horseracing and show jumping, with loads of family fun to ensure that, apart from equestrian enthusiasts, everybody else also has a great day out on many family days. It usually happens in the summer and gives a glimpse of local tradition along with its value for Irish heritage.

3. The Terryglass Arts Festival

The Terryglass Arts Festival brings a colorful array of workshops in everything from arts and crafts to street art and live music to this pretty village on Lough Derg. While the festival is in August, the real feel of the community gets more realized, as during the festival, the locals really do get to showcase their works, and at the same time, if willing, the visitors can also undertake creative works that are hands-on.

4. Cashel Arts Festival

The Cashel Arts Festival is a multi-discipline happening occurring in the environment of the historic town of Cashel, the fame of which is the Rock of Cashel. The festival takes place in the fall and generally includes music, dance, literature, and visual arts.

It aims to make arts accessible to all, featuring free and ticketed events, and highlights local talent alongside national and international artists.

5. The Glen of Aherlow Walking Festival

The Glen of Aherlow Walking Festival always hosts many people to the outdoors, in love with beautiful landscapes. It happens twice a year: either in spring or autumn, corresponding to the natural values at this time.

Humanly guided walks catering to all levels of fitness and ability, share with you the natural and historical significance of the area, guided by experienced local guides.

6. The Slievenamon Musical Festival

Among the latest events to have made its presence on the festival scene in Tipperary is the Slievenamon Musical Festival, an event that includes traditional Irish music, local folklore, and history associated with the mythical Slievenamon Mountain in its purview. Some common activities that people usually indulge in this event are storytelling, workshops related to cultural activities, established and emerging folk musicians, among others.

7. Tipperary Food Festival

The Tipperary Food Festival: a wonderful celebration of agrarian plenty and a highlight of the area for every lover of good eating. The festival showcases county products, and there is a whole range of locally made food and craft beverages to be sampled. Cooking demonstrations, tastings, and food stalls all contribute to giving a real taste of the county’s food, bringing home to those attending the event the importance of sustainability in food production.

All such events display the huge and varied cultural tapestry of the county Tipperary with something to please any inclination, be that arts, music, sports, or nature. Thus, these festivals will provide another opportunity for the tourists to have closer and deeper realization of the culture and spirit of the community of the place.