Waterford County

Geography and Natural Beauty

Waterford is perhaps best rendered geographically in its diversity into the city, with the River Suir meandering through it to supply richness, in addition to adding to the scenic diversity of the area.

In this rough and unspoiled nature, some of the country’s best views are to be had in the Comeragh mountains. The most known natural sites are the Magic Road, Coumshingaun Lough, and many waterfalls, mystically alluring the environment of County Waterford.

Vibrant Waterford City

An essential part of this county is Waterford City—the oldest city in Ireland with a heritage uncovered by the Vikings. The city is now a place teeming with art and cultural events, home to the annual Waterford Film Festival and Spraoi Street Arts Festival.

Now its skyline is dominated by the three-spired 13th-century St. Mary’s cathedral, the Gable of St. Saviour’s church from the 15th century, and the Baroque-style Bishop’s Palace, all set along the river Suir.

Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage of Waterford is full of riches and diversity, defined in its renowned Waterford Crystal, symbol of craftsmanship in fine glass-making in this county. Moreover, in this area, we can find the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, where the process of cutting is shown with all its detail—only parts in historical events—worldwide.


Waterford also has a vibrant culinary scene, very much revolving around the produce from the locality and seafood from its 147 kilometers of coastline. The Waterford Harvest Festival showcases local food and drink at their best, in full keeping with this bounty.

County pride: restaurants and eateries that pride themselves in county service will be able to rightly claim to offer the best of highlighting both the freshness of local agriculture and flair.

Community and Festivals

Waterford is a county that thrives on its community spirit and festivals. The city and towns host numerous events that foster a sense of community and celebrate the unique identity of Waterford. From the Winterval, an enchanting Christmas festival, to the Lismore Opera Festival held in the stunning grounds of Lismore Castle, these gatherings are a testament to the county’s lively cultural scene.

Through its blend of natural beauty, historic richness, and dynamic modern culture, County Waterford offers a deeply engaging experience to all who visit. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, enjoying the local fare, or participating in vibrant festivals, Waterford represents a microcosm of Ireland’s past and present.