Waterford County

Waterford Film Festival:

Waterford’s annual Film Festival is one of the country festival outlets for upcoming filmmakers. The festival features numerous local and international shorts, documentaries, and features that create chances for new filmmakers and film enthusiasts to taste fresh cinema.

Spraoi International Street Arts Festival:

The county’s most advertised event is the vibrant Spraoi Festival, which turns the city of Waterford into a weekend circus of raids over the first weekend in August. Artists from all over the world showcase their talents through music, dance, and circus that culminates in a parade and a half-hour fireworks display that ends the festival.

Waterford Harvest Festival:

The Harvest Festival is a September treat for the county’s cuisine lovers. The event showcases the best local food, craft beers, and master-choice cheeses. Harvest Festival also includes various cookery shows, tasting events, street markets, and workshops that make it a must for cuisine lovers.


The Winterval is the largest Christmas festival in Ireland and converts the city of County Waterford into a winter wonderland. The event includes a Christmas market, ice-skating, a Ferris wheel, a fire garden, and various workshops and shows. Winterval is ideal for families and offers a luminous experience from the Christmas lights and the free holiday spirit.

Lismore Music Festival:

The Lismore Music Festival is an annual classic outdoor performance at Lismore Castle. The festival mainly focuses on opera but includes varied music performances that represent Waterford cultural soundscape. The festival is located on the Lawns of Lismore Castle and offers unique live performances from local and international talent.

Bluegrass Festival Dunmore East:

The Bluegrass Festival Dunmore East is a truly American music culture along the Irish coast. The event takes place in late August and features bands from the USA and Europe, providing a weekend of musical celebrations.

Immrama – The Lismore Festival of Travel Writing:

Immrama is a Lismore based travel and writing festival. The festival convenes travel writers across the globe who share their adventures through lectures, tours, and workshops.