Waterford County

Waterford Viking Triangle:

A cultural and heritage quarter in the center of Waterford City, the Viking Triangle was fortified in the 10th century and is home to three of Waterford’s central museums – Reginald’s Tower, the Medieval Museum, and the Bishop’s Palace. It was developed as a tourist area under the Viking triangle brand, which is reinforced by the Viking’s two outlets. In Waterford, the area was a success story, with economic activity increasing by an estimated 53% every year, from €5 million in 2008/9 to €45 million in 2019.

Reginald’s Tower:

The iconic tower, which dates back to the 12th century and is the oldest civic urban structure in Ireland, once formed part of the city’s defensive system. Today, it is a museum displaying the collections of Waterford’s Viking period. It can enter it and provides extensive views of the city and seafront, which is directly opposite it in the Viking Triangle.

The Waterford Greenway:

Scenic, 46 kilometers, off-road cycling and walking route along the old railway line linking the Viking city of Waterford with the city of Dungarvan. Over viaducts and old railway stations, one can see the Comeragh Mountains, the Suir River, and the Atlantic, and through a tunnel under Snape Hill.

Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre:

Where one can observe the making of crystal: blowing, cutting, sculpting, and engravings are just some of the specialties of the world’s most famous crystal factory.

Mount Congreve Gardens:

Located just outside Waterford City, these extensive gardens are famous for their beauty and botanical importance. A walled garden and over 70 acres of planted woodland full of plant and flower species are a dream come true for garden lovers.

Lismore Castle and Gardens:

In the breathtaking town of Lismore, the castle itself is not fully accessible to the public – the grounds are. The gardens are further divided into the upper and lower gardens, boasting distinctive and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, historic buildings, and acres of plant species.

Comeragh Mountains:

If you’re more familiar with the adventurous approach, Comeragh Mountains offers trails and other outdoor activities. Magic Road that includes an optical illusion where cars appear to roll uphill, coums instead of pinnacles and Mahon Falls, numerous.

Dunmore East:

A charming little fishing village, Dunmore East is a jewel on the Waterford coast. The picturesque seaport, golden beaches, and seafood eateries cater to visitors looking for a relaxing day at the beach. The village is also the location of the yearly Bluegrass Festival, of great appeal to fans of the genre throughout the nation and beyond.

Each of these attractions is a glimpse into the variety that The Waterford County has to offer. A glimpse of historical, artistic, natural, and scenic experience.