Westmeath County

Athlone, straddling the River Shannon, serves as the cultural and historical heart of the county. A 12th-century Norman Castle—Athlone Castle—is a must-not-miss; it has been a vitally important military site for Irish history. Now, it hosts exhibitions showing the course of local history from ancient settlement to present development. Nearby are the early Christian sites of Clonmacnoise, an ancient monastic site that testifies to Ireland’s heritage. Visitors and scholars of this great religious platform admire mighty stone crosses and round towers.

Mullingar, the county seat, is celebrated for its vibrant arts scene and musical heritage. The town has also afforded a platform to local talents to exhibit their wares through the festivals and events hosted in the municipality. Belvedere House and Gardens, Mullingar, set against the lakeshore with its tales of romance, jealousy, scandal, and conflict gives a beautiful and evocative snapshot of Ireland during the Georgian times.

It is a gently rolling countryside, broken by fertile farmlands, peat bogs, historic estates, all beautifully sewn together to form the most scenic part of Westmeath. Next is the important one, the Royal Canal Greenway. It is where the cyclists and walkers would be allured into the rural landscape for nothing but the best escapism amidst countryside. The tradition in agriculture is so rich that most of the culinary scenes in the county see locally produced items making a place of choice in the menu cards of the eating joints. From artisan foods to craft beers and traditions like breadmaking, all is there to provide a dining experience. Weaving tradition with modernity, the visitor is able to revel in an overflowing rich cultural experience amidst some of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes. A county, where history is alive, nature is cherished, and the arts are celebrated. A place wholly enchanting for those looking to experience the heart of Ireland.