Wexford County

Historical and Cultural Trail (Car Itinerary):

    • Start in Wexford Town: Explore the Wexford Viking Triangle, including historical sites like Selskar Abbey and the Westgate Heritage Tower.
    • Visit the Irish National Heritage Park: Wander through this outdoor museum showcasing over 9,000 years of Irish history.
    • Continue to Enniscorthy: Explore the 13th-century Enniscorthy Castle for a deep dive into local history.
    • End at the National 1798 Rebellion Centre: Gain insights into the significant role Wexford played in Irish history.

Coastal Explorer (Cycling Itinerary):

    • Begin at Rosslare Strand: Cycle towards the quaint village of Kilmore Quay, enjoying the stunning seaside scenery.
    • Visit Ballyteigue Bay: Stop for some birdwatching and natural beauty.
    • Explore Hook Peninsula: Visit the ancient Hook Lighthouse for historical insights and breathtaking views.
    • Return Trip: Cycle back along the coast, stopping at secluded beaches and coves.

Nature Lover’s Escape (Hiking Itinerary):

    • Blackstairs Mountains: Spend a day hiking in this beautiful range, offering spectacular views and encounters with local wildlife.
    • Wexford Wildfowl Reserve: Observe migratory birds, especially during the autumn and winter months.
    • Curracloe Beach: Conclude with a sunset walk at one of Ireland’s finest beaches.

Arts and Crafts Tour (Bus Itinerary):

    • Start in Wexford Town: Visit the Wexford Arts Centre for a morning exhibit or performance.
    • Travel to Enniscorthy: Explore local artisans’ studios specializing in pottery and textiles.
    • End in New Ross: Discover the Ros Tapestry, showcasing the history of Ireland through hand-embroidered tapestries.

Gourmet Trail (Mixed Mode Itinerary):

    • Begin in Wexford Town: Sample traditional Irish bread and pastries at a local bakery.
    • Strawberry Farm near Enniscorthy: Enjoy fresh strawberries, a regional specialty.
    • Kilmore Quay for Lunch: Savor seafood dishes made from the day’s catch.
    • Dinner in Duncannon: Enjoy a meal with locally sourced ingredients and stunning sea views.

These itineraries are designed to create an ultimate experience in County Wexford, focusing on history, natural beauty, and cultural immersion, ensuring a memorable visit for all travelers.