10 Good Reasons to Visit County Waterford

Nestled in Ireland’s sunny Southeast, County Waterford is a unique blend of historical richness, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. It’s a gem that you shouldn’t skip when planning a trip to Ireland. Whether you are a history geek, nature enthusiast, or a culinary fanatic, Waterford has something special for everyone. Here are the top 10 reasons why County Waterford should be on your bucket list:

The Viking Triangle:

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, and the Viking Triangle is its cultural and historical heart. The Triangle is small and offers a collection of centuries-old buildings, museums, and the Waterford Treasures – three museums encapsulating the history of the city, Viking, Medieval, and Georgian. Walking here really feels like time traveling.

Waterford Crystal:

Another place Waterford is famous for is Waterford Crystal. Known worldwide for its quality, the tour in the House of Waterford Crystal offers an excellent chance to see the principles of cutting and polishing the glass. It’s also a perfect spot to buy a shiny souvenir.

The Greenway:

Waterford Greenway is a stunning 46-kilometer off-road cycle and walking route along an old railway between Waterford city and Dungarvan. It’s lined with breathtaking coastal sights, rolling woods, and several tunnels and viaducts. A paradise for outdoor lovers.

Lismore Castle and Gardens:

Lismore Castle is a private castle open to visitors to see gardens. The gardens are divided into the upper and lower, mix formal design with wild woodland and are renowned for their exceptional standard of maintenance.


Waterford County is a treat for all foodies. The Waterford Harvest Festival takes place every September, featuring the best of local produce with markets, cooking demos, and live music. Much excellent seafood, artisan cheese, and Waterford’s soft and delicious Blaa – a unique bread roll – are available to enjoy throughout the year.

Reginald’s Tower:

Part of Waterford’s Viking Triangle, this iconic round tower holds the title of Ireland’s oldest urban civic building and has been in continuous use for over 800 years. It now houses an exhibition on Viking Waterford and offers a unique view over the city from the top.


Ardmore is one of Ireland’s oldest Christian settlements, and its round tower and the ruins of a 12th-century cathedral resonate with layers of history. The headland cliff walk provides amazing views of the sea and a chance to see many seabirds.


Tramore seaside town is 5 kilometers long and features amusements and surfing. The lively atmosphere and the spectacular setting of the town make it a favorite for both visitors and locals, especially in the summer.

Festivals and Events:

From the Waterford Film Festival to the Spraoi International Arts Event, Waterford’s cultural calendar draws visitors from all over. These festivals ultimately underline the unique spirit of Waterford.

County Waterford combines a rich history, amazing landscapes, and a lively cultural life. Visiting this destination can never be forgotten as every time provides an opportunity to discover something new and exclusive. Are you eager to plan your trip to Waterford or do you need more details on specific activities and sites? Let’s make your visit to County Waterford unforgettable!